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Manage your customers and suppliers

Prelude makes it easy for you maintain important contact details and much more.

Customer invoices and purchases

Process sales invoices and credit notes and account for purchases.

Customer statements

On screen or printed, produced as PDFs, emailed as HTML or attachments and configurable to include just the transactions you want to display to your customers.  This is a great tool to help you manage credit control.

Sales and Purchase history

No limit on the number of transactions you can enter and the full history can be displayed.

Payment terms

Set the payment terms for each customer/supplier to automatically determine the due date for payment.

Discounts and special prices

Integrated Products and Services special prices and discount bands to automatically populate individual customer/supplier special prices.


Store VAT registration number, default VAT code and EC country code for each customer and supplier.

Payments on account

Process customer payments on account to be matched against invoices at a later date.


Record specific notes for each individual customer/supplier.

Products & Services

Maintain as many products and services as you need, it’s easy.

Description and notes

Brief, summary or detailed text reproduced consistently in every invoice.

Buying and selling prices

Invoices are automatically populated with standard prices when the appropriate prices are defined in products/services and customer/supplier maintenance.

Multiple selling prices and discount bands

Maintain several special selling prices and discount bands and integrate with customer and supplier maintenance to automatically implement your pricing policies.

Date-based promotional pricing

Set a promotional price to be effective between specific dates.

Easy Invoicing

Producing professional, complete and correct customer invoices is important.

Stationery design

Personalise your invoices with a logo, preferred colour scheme and layout.

Save and preview

You can save and preview your invoices any number of times before you finalise and record them in your accounts.

No limit on invoices

At first we thought that this goes without saying, but some accounting software sets limits on these.  We don’t.

Print, preview, PDF and email

The invoice document is displayed on screen from which you can print a hard copy, produce a PDF file or email directly to your customer.  You can re-print an invoice any number of times.

Integrate with Customer, Supplier, Products and Services

Default VAT codes, special selling prices and discounts in customer maintenance and product maintenance are automatically populated in your invoice details for you to accept or override.

VAT analysis

VAT is calculated automatically and recorded for reporting in your VAT returns.

Narrative and notes

Enter narrative to be printed on the invoice and notes for internal reference that are not printed on the invoice.

Credit notes and refunds

Credit notes are entered in exactly the same way as invoices and existing invoices can easily be used to create a credit note or a template for a similar invoice, saving time and improving accuracy.

Easy VAT

VAT can be a headache, but not with Prelude, producing VAT returns is reduced to a few clicks.

Multiple VAT rates

Prelude supports all the VAT rates and analyses the Inputs and Outputs to support the figures in your VAT returns.

Invoice and Cash accounting, Flat-rate schemes

If permitted by legislation, small businesses should take advantage of the cash-flow and profit benefits of the cash-accounting and flat-rate schemes.

EC Sales list

Co-ordinate your VAT codes with customer, supplier and product maintenance to produce EC Sales lists.

VAT returns

Your VAT return figures are presented to you in a familiar report, from which you can submit your VAT return to HMRC digitally.  Every figure provides a drill-down link to the detailed underlying transactions.